Welcome to Local Marketing Solutions!

Local Marketing Solutions was founded in 2015, but have been working in the design and coding space for 8+ years prior. We are owned and operated right outside of Philadelphia, PA but have worked with companies across the United States.

Here is a little background information about myself (the owner), my name is Samantha and I have been in the Marketing and Design industry for over 8 years. From coding HTML sites, to designing and creating applications, I have experience in it all. Those experiences, and knowledge has allowed me to master a skill set of attention-to-detail, ability to visualize a design, and implement a plan of action. Over the last few years of coding and website development and design, I found myself learning more about search engine optimization and starting growing multiple businesses through ranking local websites for family and friends.

This is when our company s truly started to grow, because I saw the real impact of my work and how it translated to increase revenue for my family and friends. It was at that point I realized how many other businesses could benefit from SEO services. So I decided to offer these services at an affordable price to small and local business owners that could not either figure out how to rank their website, how to scale their website, or how to find a reputable company to do it for them. It was during the first year  that I truly realized the power of leveraging the internet at our fingertips and how strategic marketing strategies could literally change the velocity of a small business owner’s life. 

Since then, Local Marketing Solutions has grown to expand into more markets, and taking on more team members to help meet the demand, and client goals. Because of the impact of positive and also negative SEO, we have taken the time to study what many call the “Google algorithm” to become the experts of local SEO. We have strategically worked with the top internet marketing experts to learn the best strategies on all marketing platforms to make sure that we are knowledgeable and ready to help guide you in the best possible direction for a return on investment.

We believe in not only providing the services we are offering to you, but also take the time to explain them to you. We believe in 100% transparency which is why we offer such through website audits and marketing analyses. We believe if you know the cost, the exact strategies we take, why we take them, and why we set the expectations we do, then you will have the confidence that you are involved in a process that is results driven with a guarantee ROI. Our primary goal during our marketing relationship, is to partner with you, market your business online, and drive motivated buyers to your website to spend money with you that they wouldn’t of done otherwise.

If you are looking to grow your small business in Philadelphia, Bucks County, or even anywhere across the United States, give us a call at (267) 317-8296. 

We guarantee real results, with real buyers, in real time.

What are some of our clients saying?

"Samantha came to my rescue when I wanted to redesign my website for my photography business. She was there every step of the way for advice and my constant questions. I highly recommend her and her business."​
Photographer | Owner
"Talk about RESULTS! Our business was on page 12 in Google with an outdated site. Within a month these guys were able to redesign the site to be mobile friendly and superglue us to page 1 on Google."​
Shopify Business Owner

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