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At Local Marketing Solutions our main focus is to help our client’s businesses grow, help them connect to their ideal customers, and generate more revenue and increase their profits by leveraging the internet through different marketing efforts. We do this by focusing on a few key factors with all of our marketing campaigns, 1) increasing exposure, 2) growing the customer base, and 3) increasing revenue. Regardless of the marketing campaign, whether SEO, Facebook Ads, or PPC, the main goal is more clients. By focusing go those three core concepts, we are able to dial in a marketing plan that fits your business model. Our Philadelphia SEO Agency has been rated #1 by our clients because we not only rank their websites, over deliver on quality, but because we show the same passion they have for their business, by helping them grow theirs. 

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What are the benefits of online marketing?

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO):
    • 94% of customers when searching for a product or service go to the internet first. If they go to Google, and type in your service and city, if you are not only page 1, the chances of them contacting you are less than 2%. SEO includes the organic listings and the map listings (also known as the map pack). By having your website show up for the services you provide in the cities you provide them in gives you the edge your business needs to beat your competition.
  • Google AdWords
    • One of the most well known pay per click advertising model. People select search terms that they want to be found for and if the keywords match what people search for, a paid ad you create appears. You can manage both positive and negative keywords, and your ad will appear above the map pack and the organic listings, and you pay every time someone clicks on your website, or landing page. It is direct, and measurable, and can be cost effective depending on the cost per acquisition.
  • Facebook Advertising
    • Similar to Google AdWords, it is a paid traffic source. Except unlike Google AdWords, you can also specifically target who see’s your ad. For example, let’s say your a dentist, and your ideal target patient is male or female from 35-55 within 10 miles of your location. You would be able to only show your ad to people within those parameters. The ability to target down to very specific details about is the big difference between Google AdWords and Facebook Ad’s. Another big difference is that on Google your potential customer is searching for with the intent to buy, on Facebook that is not necessarily the case so the marketing plan and approach is different.
  • Social Media Marketing
    • It’s more important than ever to have a social media presence. Customers are doing more due diligence before making a purchase so getting them to know, like and trust you before they call will help you close more of them. The top five social media platforms local and national businesses need to be focusing on in 2018 are: Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, and YouTube.  

Internet Marketing Experts

The marketing world is constantly changing and evolving, and your business needs to be doing that too! Your business and lively hood can no longer solely rely on flyers, whitepages, or the walk-in business you may have been used to years ago. The way consumers are searching for products, and services has shifted to more of a digital age, and if you don’t adjust, your business may not make it.

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    Dominate your Local market

    Every minute of the day someone is on their computer, or smartphone searching for your product or service. Is your website optimized for consumer web traffic? Will your potential customers find you over your competition?

    If you have ever wondered why your competition keeps growing in revenue, but despite your efforts, your business isn’t, we can help. We know that as a small business owner you are wearing lots of hats, and we want to take the marketing one off for you!

    Here at Local Marketing Solutions, we leverage the internet using proven search engine optimization and marketing techniques to funnel both targeted and motivated buyers to your website. We focus on buyer intent keywords, that are searched most frequently, with a combination of long semantic keywords to get traffic that turns into customers calling your phone.

    With proper SEO, local search engine results (if #1 in the map pack, and organics) can corner up to 70% of the market share.

    While we are an SEO agency based in Philadelphia, we service all of the United States and can help you dominate your local market and industry regardless of the city you live in or service you provide!

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    Why Choose Us?

    We specialize in helping local businesses grow. Founded in 2015, and have always been a hyper local-focused, results driven, digital marketing agency. As a smaller business ourselves, we know the struggles small business owners face when trying to grow and find the blend between wearing all the hats, and focusing on what their truly good at, and what matters.

    Unlike bigger marketing agencies, we like to think of our clients as more of a relationship. We are invested in helping you grow your business, and do everything in our power to get you to meet your goals, within your marketing budget. We are available constantly for questions, feedback, and are always looking for creative ways to help you solve any marketing problems. We are committed to being apart of your growth, and for innovative ways for you to beat your competition and showcase your services.

    From clients in the tree service industry to carpet cleaners, to real estate agents to home remodeling contractors. We are your expert professionals in Search Engine Optimization, Web Design, PPC, AdWords, Facebook Marketing, Lead Generation, Content Marketing, and Local SEO.

    If you’re still not sure, feel free to check some of our case studies.



    Optimize your website with keywords that matter, and more importantly that convert! We do all of the research and legwork to get you the top rankings in the search engines to help your customers find you. We use back links that are high-quality to ensure your movement is trusted.


    ​Whether its a website design or re-design we are here to help. With our team of designers, we know we can design a website that works for you. All of our designs are mobile friendly focus on provide the client with the best user experience while ensuring you are found on all devices.


    Leads are expensive…but they don’t have to be. Corner any market in any region and start funneling exclusive leads to your business through a custom build lead generation website or Facebook Ad Campaign. Your website should be generating you leads, and if not, we can help!


    If you know anything about digital marketing, social media marketing, you’ve probably heard the saying “Content is King”. Providing engaging, relevant, and more importantly, content that users are looking for is vital in the eyes of the big search engines. We focus on curating content that is not only relevant to your business but also being searched for.


    Having a Facebook page for your business  is not enough 2018. You need to show consistency on social media to gain the trust of your potential clients. We build in customized social media packages for every client to ensure they are being utilized properly and provide a return on investment and bringing you clients.


    In some service niche’s part of the marketing plan, or the entire marketing plan may be with a pay per click advertising model. Some of these niche’s include: locksmiths, roofers, carpet cleaning companies. We can build, rebuild or customize a pay per click advertising model if we determine that a PPC model would best suit your business.

    Whats your SEO Score?

    Did you ever wish you could know exactly what your competition is doing to online to get more customers? You offer great services, pricing is better, and even the quality is better, but you’re not sure what else you could be doing.

    Maybe you’re using another SEO company, or not sure if SEO could work for you. Submit your info, and we will send you a completely free customized SEO analysis outlining a plan of action with steps you could start implementing today to your website.




      local sEO Experts

      Our mission at Local Marketing Solutions, is simple, it’s to generate more leads and customers for our clients through the best marketing practices for your business goals. Not every business is the same, and not every marketing campaign should be setup with the same strategy or with the same concepts.

      Our strategies include SEO marketing to drive organic traffic to your website and increase brand awareness while driving sales on Google, Bing, Yahoo, Facebook and Google Adwords. If you are looking for ways to increase sales and get more leads for your business, call us at (267) 317-8296.

      The video on the right will help quickly explain how SEO could help your business.