Google Ads Case Study.

We let our results do the talking. Learn about how we helped a relationship coach get a 6x ROAS using Google AdWords when other agencies failed to generate an ROI. 


The Challenge.

This client’s business had stopped running paid advertising as they were not seeing much success with the current marketing agency. They had been spinning their wheels for 2 years trying to figure out how to run a successful PPC campaign. 

They offer a variety of services from an online membership, toolkits for successful communication, relationship agreements and workshops and events. While they did have revenue coming in, there churn rate of new customers was extremely high and they were spending money on Facebook and Google with little to no results. So they had a couple challenges in the sense of getting clients and maintaining them.


The Solution.

We knew right away that there was a market for their product and services because they had clients. But they let us know they had worked with over 10 different marketing companies prior to hiring us, so their strategies were all over the place. We knew coming in, we would have to consult with them and their business completely to understand each part of their business in order to be successful.

Once we learned about their processes for generating new coaching clients, we quickly realized that we could easily improve this and generate cashflow into their business to help fund it while focusing on their other products and services. So that is exactly what we did. We reviewed their Google AdWords account and paused all campaigns. We audited their website and created a specific coaching page where we would drive the traffic we would ultimately generate using high-intent keywords. We also knew that the way their website was setup, there were missing a lot of data analytics to pinpoint what was working, so we had to get this fixed immediately to help them scale their business.

We then got to work to build the campaign and also built a custom CRM to automate the leads coming in, and make sure they were followed up with quickly to schedule their initial free introductory coaching call.

We knew that they were also missing out on a lot of opportunities within their Facebook Group as it was not setup properly to capture the new members, and push them into a targeted email and outreach sequence. We implemented the strategies and Facebook tools we discuss in this blog post to help them manage and start to monetize their group.

Each page was curated based on the branding concepts of the client and we incorporated parts of their old website that they felt were important. We then built out additional pages for the services they provide along with service area pages to allow them to improve their rankings in that area. We analyzed keywords of not only their industry but of their competition to incorporate into a content calendar for blog posts and to include in the pages we created.


The Results.

Since working with us they have:

  • Achieved a ROAS of 8-10x for the coaching ad campaign.
  • Decreased their churn rate on new members by implementing content and services that their community wants and needs.
  • Implemented Google Analytics and Tag Manager to track and understand the data. 
  • Increased their email open rates by implementing segmentation and engagement and re-engagement campaigns.
  • Improved SERP rankings for relationship keywords from outside of the top 100 to within the top 5 to generate potential members and clients.
  • Implemented a consistent SEO strategy that’s helped drive 1,000% more Organic Users over the course of two years.
  • Created CRM and follow-up system to generate 6-figures in high-ticket sales.
  • Implemented a keyword strategy to rank for keywords that were being searched by potential clients that were not being targeted.
  • Implement a content marketing strategy to continue to improve and manage positions in the SERP rankings.
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