Local SEO Case Study.

We let our results do the talking. Learn about how we helped a local Bucks County Business improve its organic rankings through SEO and increase its website traffic by 896%.

The Challenge.

This client’s business was already successful. It was family-owned and operated for over 46 years, so they relied heavily on word-of-mouth, repeat customers, and their commercial contracts. But their challenge was that they knew that they were missing out on more clients and ultimately more revenue by not maximizing their online presence. The original site was built on a GoDaddy Builder. Which was not only outdated, but their website was slow, not based on conversions, and was nowhere to be found on Google. However, they were slightly hesitant about coming on board because of the success they already had offline already. But they ultimately decided to move forward with a search engine optimization plan customer for this business.


The Solution.

The first thing we needed to do was rebuild and revamp their website. It was outdated and slow, and even if any of their customers were looking for them… they couldn’t find them. The customer was on the GoDaddy Website Builder platform and did not feel comfortable moving for a more customized website as they wanted to be able to update it easily. Therefore, we moved forward with revamping the website on its current platform. However, prior to starting the design, we negotiated on behalf of the client for discounted pricing for the hosting of their website. Once we got the okay from the client to move forward, we went to the drawing board. We wanted to keep the design simple, but make sure it made a marketing impact.

Each page was curated based on the branding concepts of the client and we incorporated parts of their old website that they felt were important. We then built out additional pages for the services they provide along with service area pages to allow them to improve their rankings in that area. We analyzed keywords of not only their industry but of their competition to incorporate into a content calendar for blog posts and to include in the pages we created.

During our 1-year search engine optimization campaign they started to rank and beat their competition in all service locations for all services they offered. We cleaned up their Google My Business Listing and worked with them to implement a review process to ensure they were constantly getting new reviews from happy clients. We then focused on social media to help build out their social presence and create content to improve and gain new rankings. 


The Results.

Since working with us they have:

  • Achieved increased clickthrough rates on their newly optimized website.
  • Achieved a 175% increase in the Total Revenue year to date compared to the prior year. 
  • Created brand awareness through social media platforms.
  • Improved SERP rankings for competitive keywords and local keywords from outside of the top 100 to within the top 5.
  • Improved SERP rankings for commercial keywords from outside of the top 100 to within the top 5.
  • Implemented a consistent SEO strategy that’s helped drive 1,000% more Organic Users over the course of two years.
  • Implemented a keyword strategy to rank for keywords that were being searched by potential clients that were not being targeted.
  • Implement a content marketing strategy to continue to improve and manage positions in the SERP rankings.
  • Increased number of employees.
  • Implemented email marketing strategy to turn one-time customers into repeat buyers.

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