Content Marketing and copywriting

Content or copy writing is a major factor in helping potential leads who find you, convert into customers. Having relevant, unique content helps you build relationship with your audience and gets them to know like and trust you, before they buy. We take our experienced content marketing techniques and implement them into your site to build authority and help position yourself as the expert in your industry.

Keyword Research

All of the content we curate is based on your specific business, location, goals and keywords that can and will convert to customers. Keyword research is the first essential phase in all of our work as it is important to get this right. We take the time to research each industry specifically to identify popular topics within that niche, to make sure that the article is relevant, and something users want to read.

Consistent and Regular Posting

The best way to engage with your audience is to release consistent and engaging content. Weekly to bi-weekly posting that is unique, solves a problem or just discusses the pro's and con's are all ways to help position your company as the expert to hire. By taking the time to post regularly, your clients and potential customers will know that you are an expert, and Google will know you are an authority in your industry.

Content Creation & Copywriting

After reviewing the keywords and industry needs, we then determine which of our skilled content writers will provide the best results for your needs. We have a team of over 5 content writers for each type of content from: email marketing campaigns to basic blog postings. We take the time to truly assess your needs to ensure we choose the right type of content writer for your goals.

Synced Content Releases

Having great content is great, but if nobody see's it; whats the point? We focus on making sure the people and customers who are looking for you and your business see it. By syncing the best quality content to the highest quality links through our content marketing techniques, you can ensure your clients will be seeing your business and the services you offer.