let us Generate leads for your business

Sometimes, the right marketing campaign may seem complicated, but the truth is, it doesn’t have to be. At Local Marketing Solutions we have helped hundreds of business owners generate new business through lead generation.

We focus on getting you results, and take the steps to get you to your goal. Determining where you want to see yourself and your business in the short term and long term helps figure out the right steps to take to help grow your business. Whether you are looking to expand into additional products or services, or expand your service area, our lead generation sales experts can determine the right marketing plan to help you get there.

Our lead generation packages focus highly on determining your audience is, to help make sure we target the right demographics. Our highly trained marketing team can determine which lead generation platform is right for you, whether you have a website already, or don’t, or if Facebook Advertising is the way to go.

Getting the right type of targeting down and get the leads to reach out to your business is just the beginning. Once they found you and chose to take action by calling your company, we want to make sure they convert into customers. This is why we work with your company to make sure that there are systems in place to help track and increase conversions.
We know that when investing into an online marketing campaign, we want to make sure we develop the right plan so that your phone is ringing and that it is a profitable investment for you.

Is Lead Generation Right for My Business?

Every business is always looking for new customers, and for ways to generate new potential leads. This is true for all businesses; not just service related industries, but for brick and mortar businesses too. We can customize your current website and turn it into a lead generation machine, pumping out leads for you on demand. Or, we can create a brand new lead generation website solely focused on driving calls to your business.

Great! having a website is a great start to having an online web presence! All of our lead generation packages include a comprehensive evaluation of your location to include population density, market size, geographical boundaries, and surrounding city divisions and determine any changes that need to be made to your existing site to get more of your ideal customers. We also may determine that creating a new website will allow you to target and test new demographics and pricing in markets you were looking to expand in without changing your current marketing techniques. The more visible your website or websites are the more potential clients you will get in front of, which undoubtedly will increase your sales and revenue.

Maybe you are just starting a new business, or just never got around to creating or updating your website. Either way, having a website in this day and age is pivotal, not only does it help legitimize your business, but it can be a powerful return on investment.

​The truth is having a website is one of the best investments you can make. Nobody is searching the yellowbook to find their local roofing company, or service they need; they are searching online. But having a website alone is not enough, but having the right website is.

Local Marketing Solutions will ensure that the website we design for your business is mobile friendly, keyword optimized, and ready for your customers to find you.

We guarantee our lead generation services! Our job is to drive calls and customers to your business, let us do the work for you.

We pride ourselves in getting results for our clients, which is why every package includes analytics and call tracking. Depending on the lead generation type, it may also include text message reminders for you or your sales people to call and schedule. We want to ensure the leads we are bringing to your business turn into paying customers and take every step possible to ensure that happens.