What is local SEO?
and how can it help my business?

If you’re a local business, or a business that services a specific area, then making sure you are leveraging Google through SEO needs to be apart of your marketing plan.

The Local SEO Foundation

If you are a local business that sells a product or service you need to make sure you have your Google My Business (GMB) setup. Google My Business is a free and easy tool to manage your business and locations across Google directly tied to the map listings. By versifying your business, optimizing it with (25-30) images, correctly describing it, and keeping it up to date, it helps customers not only find you, but educate them on you and your business. If you click the link above, we walk through how service based businesses can correctly verify and optimize your business page in all categories. Even the most difficult niches need GMB pages, and even if you do not have a physical business location, in the video, we will walk you through how to setup a service area for your business so your address isn’t shown, but you are still able to be verified online.

Citations are essentially your business information throughout the internet. NAP = Name, Address and Phone Number Consistency. In order to make sure your business is trusted by Google, and that customers can contact you, you want to make sure that you setup citations with the same, and correct information on each citation. There are a ton of citation options, but often time, only the the most popular are truly needed, along with geographical relevant and niche related ones. However, we believe in beating our competition in all aspects. If you are not sure if you have NAP consistency, you can use Moz’s free local tool, or click the link above and place an order for citations with us. We run a thorough analysis for duplicates and fix all issues when working with local SEO because they are one factor in helping your business rank higher and better in the local listings.

Having a website that is easy to access on both desktop and mobile is vital in the local serps. More than ever we are seeing an increase in mobile friendly searches (60-80%). Therefore, it is super important to make sure your website is mobile friendly and has a quick load time. Click here, to see if your website is mobile friendly, and click here to see if there are ways to improve your site load speed. Both of these factors dramatically effect user experience, which Google has shown also dramatically effects rankings. Almost all platforms have an availability for mobile friendly and responsive websites (even GoDaddy hosted and Designed ones – just make sure you select the option).

Step 4: Content

Content is the #1 way customers will find their way to you. Therefore, you need to make sure you spend a good amount of time (the most amount of time) doing keyword research. There are plenty of free (and paid) tools that can help you do this. The best place to start is to think about all of the services you offer and make a list of those. I then suggest you go into google and type those and then scroll all the way to the bottom to the suggested search and see if those apply to you as well. After you determine some of the keywords you want to use, you have to start figuring out how to implement that into your website, naturally, with original and valuable content.