behind every google search, there is a person.

Search engine optimization consists of a lot of moving parts, from keyword research, competitor analysis, linking building, reputation management and much more. But when starting an SEO campaign, company, or agency, needs to really focus on the person conducting their search. Google has shown multiple times in recent updates that user experience, and user intent is in fact helping local businesses rank better. Therefore, trying to manipulate rankings based on old, out-dated, and frankly not trusted ways, is not only bad for your website, but truly bad for your business.

Even if Local Marketing Solutions is not your local search engine optimization company, we can still deliver you results. We work with clients all over the United States and focus on three main goals to deliver consistent results to all of our clients:

Increase Exposure

In order to get customers online, you need to make sure that they are able to find you…and we take our client research very seriously. It’s one of, if not the most important factors for getting you more customers. 

Grow Customer Base

By increasing your exposure by focusing on buyer intent related marketing. We are able to move prospective clients from leads to actual customers and provide you and your business with an increased customer base.

Increase Revenue

The more customers you have, the more revenue you will generate. However, not just on that one-time purchase. Increasing your customer base, will also lead to recurring revenue and ability to upsell future products, services and specials.


(Search Engine Optimization)

SEO is a marketing approach to grow your online visibility organically in search engine results. SEO, is a lot more than just having a nice website and offering great customer service. It includes both creative and technical knowledge required to improve rankings, drive traffic and ultimately bring in more customers.

Search engine traffic provides the one of the best targeted traffic, as the search engines are responsible for providing the top results for the keywords and services that you offer, at the time your ideal customer is searching for them.

There are many aspects of Search Engine Optimization, and at Local Marketing Solutions, we believe all of the aspects that all of the principles must go hand-in-hand to provide real, long term results.

When SEO is done properly, your website will rank for multiple keywords organically and in the map pack, and your traffic will increase and you will generate more revenue! If done improperly, though it can negatively impact your business not only in the short term; but in the long wrong. This is why it’s important when you are working with an SEO agency, to understand the process and implementations they will be using on and off your site.

If you are looking to find out more information about your local business and how you can see SEO for local businesses, click the link and it will give you a breakdown of the basics of SEO and a place where you can purchase our top of the line local SEO powerpoint.


What does SEO Consist of?

scheme with icons isolated main activities related to seo

You’ve probably heard of SEO, and what it is, but never really understood what it consisted of, and why you needed it. Well, below we are going to give you the top three things SEO consists of on a basic level to give you an idea of why each aspect is important, and how they work together to help give you the rankings, and results, your business wants.

SEO is truly the foundation of a successful website, and should be included in a marketing plan when redesigning your website, as the design, content, and layout can all affect your search engine ranks.

There are many different strategies for SEO, but in order to keep up with Google’s algorithm it is very important to ensure you are practice white-hat techniques while still being able to covert and produce an ROI.

However, to keep it simple, there are really three main parts of search engine optimization that you must understand for it to all make sense.

  • On-page SEO – which is pretty much self-explanatory as it means anything that is physically on your website. This could be as simple as the title of your pages, to unique authoritative, engaging content, to heatmaps, alt-image tags, and interlinking between your pages appropriately and effectively. 
  • Off-page SEO – again, pretty self explanatory, but is anything that happens outside or off of your website, from link building, citations, and outreach.
  • Technical SEO – this is the techy stuff, and often the most ignored. However, without technical SEO being focused on, your website, and rankings could truly be affected. Technical SEO implements codes, crawls, blockers, and determines best marketing practices based on the conversion reports analyzed

Now, while explaining what the key factors are for SEO, and how they work may seem easy enough, you need to continuously learn and adapt to updates, your competition and make sure all three phases are continually working together. We specialize in all three and keep up to date with any algorithms changes to ensure we can retain and regain your website’s rankings when changes occur. Choosing the right search engine optimization company is vital as if any of these steps are done incorrectly, or incompletely, you will not rank, and your website may even be penalized.

Will SEO work for my Business?

Regardless, of the type of business you have, whether it’s a service based business like the example above (carpet cleaning) or a brick and mortar business, all business owners need and want more customers! We live in a world of technology, and everyone is searching for services online through Google, Yahoo, Bing, and research shows 91% of people searching, only select a company ranking on page #1. Therefore, being #1 for your most searched keywords on all of the search engine platforms(specifically Google, which accounts for 80% of search volume) is imperative for growing your customer base.

While we, know you have probably heard of SEO services before and have potentially received a handful of marketing calls from other marketing companies trying to sell you their SEO service. What we know and have seen is that most of SEO companies, are not focused on bringing you results in the form of actual customers, but ranking keywords that may or may not result in increased revenue for your business They will provide you with some forms of reporting with no follow up and provide no actual business development plan to help you grow your business.

At Local Marketing Solutions, we provide results for your company in the results of new customers. Our main focus is to drive more traffic and more customers searching for your service and increasing your revenue. Search Engine Optimization is the best way to ensure that your business, website, and service is in front of your ideal customers at the exact moment they are looking for a business like yours.

Learn more about SEO

Search Engine Optimization can be somewhat confusing, and as a small business owner, you are already wearing lot of hats. This 15-minute webinar covers the basics of SEO and how to get your business ranking on Google. We look at two competitors in a highly profitable niche in Philadelphia. We breakdown the top ranking factors and why the one on page one is getting 1000% more visitors, and how through search engine optimization your business can do the same.

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