The $50k/month Instagram DM Ad Strategy

You probably already know that Instagram is a goldmine for connecting with potential clients and customers. Well, we’ve got an exciting strategy to share with you today – using Instagram Direct Messages (DMs)

In this blog post, we’ll walk you through the exact steps that helped multiple coaches, clients, and course creators go from zero to $50k months in less than 60 days. And guess what? We’ll even share the steps for you to start using for your own profile to start using your Instagram like a funnel and start landing clients through the DM’s. 

Your profile is your funnel.

You can strategically leverage Instagram’s features and implement effective marketing tactics, turning your Instagram account into a powerful funnel that drives engagement and conversions for your business. You will need determine your unique selling points, target audience, and the overall tone and style you want to convey. This will help you create a cohesive and authentic profile that resonates with your audience.

instagram profile optimization

The Steps to Optimize your Instagram Profile

If you have a color scheme you want to use, you can also find some free social media posts on Canva to use as templates and switch out. I recommend a more customized approach, but if you are just starting out – this will work fine. If you’re a coach, or course creator, you will have to create reels, and video’s but using tools like CapCut with your brand colors show consistency.

Your Profile Photo:

  • Your profile photo is one of the first things your audience sees, so make sure it is relevant to what you do, and who you serve. For example, if you are in the coaching industry, your profile photo should be of you in shape, or working out.

Your Bio:

  • Your Instagram bio is the first impression you make on potential followers. Keep it concise, yet informative. Use attention-grabbing language and keywords that accurately represent your brand. Highlight what sets you apart and include a call-to-action (CTA) to encourage users to engage with your content. If you’re using the DM strategy, make sure to have the keyword you want them to DM you there.
 Your Stories:
  • Create 1-2 stories and have them pinned using icons mentioned above with your color scheme. If you’re a coach, you may use “client results”, “my life” or just overall content your ideal followers will resonate with. 
  • As your audience progresses through the funnel, it’s essential to build trust and credibility. Share social proof and testimonials from satisfied customers or clients to showcase the positive experiences others have had with your brand. This can be done through Instagram posts, stories, or dedicated highlight sections.

Be Authentic and Engaging

Quality OVER quantity. While you want to be posting content on a consistent basis, you want it to be high value content. Take the time to engage with your audience by responding to comments, liking and commenting on their posts, and participating in relevant conversations. This two-way interaction will foster a sense of connection and loyalty among your followers.

Give Value First

To entice your audience to take the next step in your funnel, offer valuable content or lead magnets that address their pain points or provide solutions. This could be in the form of downloadable guides, e-books, templates, or exclusive access to webinars or email newsletters. But give VALUE first, and that may be different depending on your niche. The goal is to get them on your list to target them with future offers.

Automate with Manychat

Picture this: You’re scrolling through your social media feed, and someone leaves a comment or sends you a DM expressing interest in your services. Instead of spending precious time typing out a response, ManyChat swoops in to save the day! With ManyChat, you can set up automatic replies to specific keywords. So, when someone mentions “coaching,” “personal development,” or any other relevant term, ManyChat jumps into action and sends them a personalized message. It’s like having your own 24/7 assistant, always there to engage with potential clients and build rapport!

This also allows you to add them to your email list, ask specific questions and then jump in to the DM’s and take over to give a personal human touch.

Scale with Ads

Targeting on Facebook/Meta has never been easier, and depending on your marketing strategy this may be different, but the way you will scale is with Ads. By leveraging targeted ads, you can expand your reach, attract more potential clients, and increase the number of interactions that ManyChat handles. This means more opportunities to build relationships, showcase your expertise, and ultimately convert those prospects into paying clients! 

As you continue to refine your ad campaigns and optimize your ManyChat responses, you’ll be able to fine-tune your approach and achieve even better results. It’s a powerful combination that can skyrocket your coaching business to new heights!

In Conclusion

Instagram DMs can be a total game-changer for scaling your coaching, client, or course creator business. By following these friendly and effective strategies and leveraging the power of ManyChat automation, you can achieve incredible growth and hit those $50k months in no time. We have done this with countless clients, and the process works. If you’re interested in us setting this up for you from A-Z so you can focus on what you do best while we help you scale, reach out to us and schedule a free strategy session around social media advertising.

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